Outside in this dream

by Diana Todea The murmur of your voice pulsates, breathes in water. Outside your body, the herbs have stopped your heart,


by Lucia Dărămuş Autumn has never been more beautiful as now the grain of rain weeps on the leaf — heart, painted poem of God…


by Ioana Jucan The car .. was being driven safely on the asphalt highway. It was a newly purchased 280-hp, 3.6 liter V6 VW Passat…

La Journée

by Ioana Jucan Ripe. Riper. Ripest. Ripening. Ripeningly. Ripened. Rip/Ready.

Sound from Sahara

by Diana Todea metal skies-black bones in the desert pray for rain, pagan monk silence no tear


[Van Diemen’s Land] by Diana Todea God, what if we are all preys and hunters, crawling beneath bushes and trees, holding our breath till one…

Drive in the orbit

by Diana Todea let’s drive in the orbit of time clash with machines & ambivalent speeds fast/forward meeting place

Subterranean Spark

by Mareş Lucian Truth I know the truth. Truth is unique, complete, undivided. And you are not part of it. Because your destiny is not…

Poems by Adriana Boagiu

Adriana Boagiu is a poet whose lines carry a wordy town into flowery flurries of memory and eroticism, both ingenuous and insidious. Her sound skinning…

Tender on the Smiles

by Patrick Călinescu When she had tried to smile back at me, her lips creeping on her face skin stopped her short. Unable to sketch…