EgoPHobia #26

La confluenţa posibilului cu imposibilul

(jidovul rătăcitor) de Paul Belce Sunt de multă vreme un cititor avid al genului SF. L-am abandonat o perioadă, literatura fantastică provocându-mi o hiperinflaţie imaginativă…

Prietenii literare bucureştene

(minDisecţii) de iQ666 Uneori poţi concepe, porni şi coordona un proiect de unul singur, alteori e nevoie de mai mulţi. Nimic nou. La fel se…

They eat my God

by Marcus Goldberg I am a wicked sound that spoils the harmony the world so dull can’t understand it lives in vain

Persistence of Death

by Marcus Goldberg the flame of the candle went sailing as the smoke from its darkness entered my lungs

say No to democracy

by Diana Todea yells passing the Sabbath choir Muslim girls covered in death’s breath Israel praying in mud with fingers crossed my pagan ache is…

We are all Jews

by Diana Todea the right and wrong, the Christian tale collapse- the Germans look behind and hit the wall the Jews enslaved

Outside in this dream

by Diana Todea The murmur of your voice pulsates, breathes in water. Outside your body, the herbs have stopped your heart,