The Kommersant

by Ella Kanegarian Göktaş “Now because of you I have to read a book, or whatever it is….is it a novel? a story? hmm young…

Banned Books

by Doug Dawson ‘Ok Johnny, I know you want to bring your English grade up, but you don’t speak up in class, so it seems…


by Fabiana Elisa Martínez Hannah pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose and looked into the garden with the same intensity with which…

A tale of two restaurants

by Monica Manolachi Like two dots on the horizon, Bucharest and Budapest are often confused. Both are capital cities in Eastern Europe. Both begin with…

poem by Sharafadeen Muhsinah

The idiosyncratic   We are humans whom People think of us as being aberrant We behave in a way that is eccentric to their own…

poems by Tom Davison

My Yard    Taking a walk in my Yard this morning. My Yard isn’t anything like your yard. My Yard has no trees or flowers.            

poems by Changming Yuan

A Love-Thought: for Qi Hong   This yearning burns my marrows into itchy bubbles Till… my innermost being evaporates With the hot air of feel

poems by George Freek

I look at my life (After Su Tung Po)   Through a night vaster than the sea, I walk under trees hung with sagging leaves.

poems by John Grey

Grace   In this dimly-lit attic, you open a trunk, unleash the Korean War.

poems by Askold Skalsky

Already seeking a foundational bedrock in the golden age   A gaspingly impatient hominid clinging to a sea-wave battered rock, just an isolated promontory jutting…