poems by Moldvai Barna

emptiness what a prologue seems like is a canvas painted on the knife who knows if it’s real or just a haze inside are two…


by Ana Bazac An important aspect of the human relationships and positions towards norms and even towards values is discipline or, better, the degree of…

Another irrelevant title

by Mario Șerban The limit of pain is just a greater pain and so on. Maximum pain is a myth. So, what’s the point of…

poems by John Grey

History Repeats   I sat out on the sun deck watching history repeat itself. My next-door neighbor left for work. His kids headed off to…

Night Visit

by Z. I. Sadeq 1 Behold me!– Cowards and last men! It is me, the not-man. My soul is marked

poems by Livia Creț

Fries   I’m gonna take a great time talking about fries And nothing else Fries – meaningless, right? But doesn’t it soothe you?

poems by DS Maolalai

A cabin fire.   from the window, behind curtains, rain cracks like logs in a cabin-grate

poems by Jade Riordan

Winter Carousel   If I crack open an imported coconut & carousel horses stream out like gold embossed milk. If I sip the milk-paint from…