Still life

by Marius Surleac through dice the six-shooter gleams at the burnt end of the bullet at the other end, like in a comet tale, blood…

Pestis vetus

by Marius Surleac hell is beyond the grey blocks – the desert where no human skeletons resisted to erosion, but became part of


by Adrian Ioniţă (USA) Translation from Romanian by Manuela Cazan pentru versiunea română click aici     It’s funny to watch the world from above, looking through…


Karel Cispic:
A chuckle died in his throat as he realized fully what he was about to do. Shovel after shovel of dried dirt flew in back of him until the magic moment when he hit wood. He could tell by the solid thudding sound that metal made against wood. It was a satisfying sound. An organic sound. Thud, thump. Thump, thump. He used the blade of the shovel to pry open the casket. No smell came out, but the sight was not a pleasant one. Pavel’s emaciated and very dead face had a rictus grin that sent a fright up Karel’s spine. The dead poet seemed to be smiling at him.

Fat Man

by Robert Fenhagen (USA)   Brief news story out of Wakefield, R.I.:  “A flight out of Warwick Airport made it safely through a ferocious storm….

Song to Layla

by Irina Savin [Belgium] edited by Robert Fenhagen        She always thought of  train stations as the heart and soul of a town. For Layla, they…

Jamais Vu

 by Adrian Ioniţă (USA) Edited by Robert Fenhagen       “What is wrong with this baby?”     Thank you, Doctor.     “He’s watching us. He is!”…