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god is (not) dead; one ounce of marijuana; god's fucked up children; maggot Reich; yellow

Adrian Ioniţă

Your eyes are pickle slices

Petre Flueraşu

From the devil with love ; Forgotten

Axel H. Lenn

Les Cojones de Jesús

god is (not) dead


Do not move.
death web. advert. Do (not) poison the mind
play meat hospital meat tumor teen. dead
opium Police set 'em straight no gay Lord.
Idolatrizethewhore. Warhol's picture of
Christ. government property you get shot if you ruin
Rain b ow
trespassers shall be healed. on your knees
do (not) think.


one ounce of marijuana


protester allude

bad blood in the spider chair

left the lobby for the woods

peace cyanotic purple lip

this enclave

drown in

we shall
knife the stander



god's fucked up children


am Jack's voice as slender as a moth
the doctor's spectacles are bleeding silently

hold her head as she blows, the candle weed
quarter of the sun

a believer in the church of Sodom, the reverend is

kiss the boots of
the underground

bondage Jesus

a penny for a dream

do not cum in my mouth, I've just swallowed my teeth

we sold the flesh of stars

wipe the light off your thighs

cancel everything


maggot Reich


pirouette archangel, the madman's caprice

antichrist immaculate

nurture celestial maggot machine

ashes to bishop

butterfly Barabbas, andante impale

Nazarene larvae

metamorphose daemon crimson allure

thy ballet of hatchets

sancta Godiva, plummet to bruise

silk heater tissue

Hitler the moth has mastered the bulb

swastika crystal

fly around the laughing moon

wolverine Christus




pin point archangels dwell on the moon
swords shine like diamonds, beheaded dragons indeed
cataleptic worms gaze at my laughing
sometimes knives bend like flowers
we should all hold hands and falter
follow the hunting muse
get lost in pink, luxurious mold
marry the spider

chase the blue bird out
of my lair
no more hideouts for the falling star

shades of yellow
in the dark


Your eyes are pickle slices

Adrian Ioniţă

Sickle hash-ice-extra-hugs
no need for noise or neighing
let's jolly joy and lily lay a flower
plowoman steps on falling frogs... ?

Usurious, tired-to-told tombstones
torches mystical blue veins on tongs.
Stained fervid-hid-laid burning uniforms,
muhina's benignant and so are all her songs !

vermilion-finned-violence-doom moons
pittance yet is sawn with vipers
virgin-violins and rare rabbid-rabits
for sale awaits in open wounds... ?

[©2005 Mandarin Quail]


From the devil with love

Petre Flueraşu

sodomy and lust, everyday we see
around us marching peacefully the wild
but we are lost, through the stupid bloody pages of our books
fucking with the lights shut
and hoping that we will end up feasting of virgins in a promised paradise
free from all the torment and broken hopes
that composed our life
forgetting pleasure, transforming ourselves into eunuchs
and throwing nature into the garbage can
pitiful little creatures, learning to beg
for redemption, to a God that salivates behind the very nice altar
composed of flesh and bones
and lying at peace
with all the tradition of a world brought up behind Taft walls
blinded by it's own failure to understand the meaning
of a lusting life
and tired of the long lasting fairytales
shouted by Christianized pigs
left today without their mud
from the devil with love!



Petre Flueraşu

we lust,
for our lost world, that crumbles
under the feet of our inner demons
that strive for glory in our books...

terrible images carved in stone pages
a monolith of fear that stabs our hearts...

and our creations rise from the abyss,
to feast from our tender flesh,
and we diminish under their black spell,
spoken in a language wielded in the past by us...

ghosts, ghosts of a world long lost
under deep blue water
that shines...
in the wake of a red dawn!



Les Cohones de Jesús

Axel H. Lenn

Now, this is a title that most surely draws attention, a veritable scrittura telenovelistico that could produce a couple of waves here and there - wouldn't you say? To tell the whole story though, such a publicity stunt could account for no more than 5 per cent of the success Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" has achieved thus far. What exactly is this success? Well, as stated on the author's webpage, "the #1 worldwide phenomenon". Oh yes, this is one of the most read books in history, presumably surpassed only by the Bible. And so it happens that I somehow found the strength to finish reading both.
Brown's novel has a lot of action, quite intensely built, and with obvious intellectualistic claims. I could hardly call it a brain stimulating thriller though, rather more like a novel people could enjoy to stay awake between a football game and a new telenovela series. Many popular U.S. writers and literary critics were quick to acclaim Dan Brown, a perfect Mr. Nobody popped out of nowhere on a sudden struck of brilliancy enabling him to produce the best novel of all times. We could skip the aforementioned acclaims since U.S. is less about quality and more about kitsch-sellers. Fact remains that the book sold big and still does, filling up a lot of pockets. It's only natural to ask yourself why. The core idea is quite simplistic, too simplistic I should say, namely Jesus having had sex and a baby with Mary of Bethany, otherwise known as Mary Magdalene. So what? There's nothing unusual since he was a man, he had balls, as well as natural needs and impulses. The obvious assumption that Jesus the real-time historical figure has nothing to do with his statues and the myth created around him is clearly belaboring. Christianity per se is emperor Constatine the Great's attempt to save a disintegrating empire and Christian Churches are really built on fantasy - the kind of fantasy it takes to write a novel, such as Brown's, from historical data, folklore and mythological analyses. All the 'sparkling' details, facts or ideas pieced together quite roughly in the book represent other people's professional work whether historians, mythologists or self-driven researchers. The only thing original is their piecing together. Add up a couple of high intensity murder scenes, fabulous escapes and incredible turns of events and you have a bestseller. And here is a key concept: nothing sells like controversy. At least this is the official outlook on things. On the other hand, I can't help thinking it's quite hilarious that a novel piling up information from many other rather scientific or nonfiction books sells tremendously and scandalizes the globe 200.000 times more fiercely - this is the only controversial side of things in my view.
Since it appeared in 2003, Brown's novel has been benefiting from backstage publicity mainly, and, what a big surprise, Christian militant sites are the key contributors to the subject. The title itself makes an understatedly reference to the European cultural code, which is fundamentally Christian but completely lay. It would be a blasphemy to assume Christian leading religious figures are so idiotic as to promote debates on such topics since they are appalled at them - if you want to bury something, you most certainly don't brag about it, but rather ignore as best as you can. Christian Churches proclaimed themselves cornered by this novel, although it is not about them basically, but about Christ. The Vatican seat appeared more then offended. And again, Churches cannot possibly stand out and defend a mythical Christ from a historical or fictional Jesus, as they do not stand out against gold-platinum multikarat stone incrusted images of the mythical Christ worn by drug dealers or hanging in jewelry shop windows, because it's simply out of this millennium and pointless ad nauseam. So, what is all the fuss about?
Since western civilization is 95 per cent lay, with at least 10.000 catholic priests leaving the office yearly, with churches turned into restaurants, the fuss is pretty big. I cannot forget the radical spectacles late John Paul II performed whenever he got the chance - whipping his guts out at Auschwitz or at the Jerusalem wall, pardoning for many of the monstrous Christian deeds in the past, visiting Muslim sacred sights, and even reaching out for Christian unity (as if it were realistic!), in an attempt to promote life and not abortion, heterosexual love and marriage, male supremacy especially where religious offices are concerned, and so on. What's there to say about the Church of Satan and La Vey's publicity via Vatican channels? It would be no surprise if Brown's "sensational" book turned out to be another Vatican prank under John Paul II and the more flat Benedict XVI, since the biggest winner of this whole fuss is the Catholic Church: get a really modest writer to put up a fiction script on real facts (thus having a chance to mock at them as well), promote it for free and get billions in return, thus wearing the most comfortable victim clothes to generate intellectualistic debates everywhere and, hopefully, drawing a huge wave of political sympathy and social support to the cause.
Dan Brown wrote nothing spectacular, nothing of a certain novelty or value, and, just like Sandra Brown, he lacks ingenuity completely. "The Da Vinci Code" is, in a very Freudian approach, sexual oriented as the whole book is based on the presumed sexual escapades performed by Jesus Christ. Turning the Holy Grail into a pile of bones, however, is quite an old story told over and over again that one in two people must have heard it already. Had the secret Grail consisted in the actual mortified testicles of Christ, this would have turned everything around - I mean Dan Brown into a really witted writer and "The Da Vinci Code" into a book with balls.


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