Observation, 7. Extented.

by Patrick Călinescu edited by Nigel Walker   Outside is the opposite of inside-the exterior is firmly opposed to the interior, it would seem, both linguistically and logically. If the linguistic dichotomy appears to be as fixed as the Aristotelian stars, the logical one, however, may have loosened its grip on this stellar array, which […]


An Aesthetic Fiction a principle and guide to generative dogmatics for performance actions,  performing research, and the redirection of mind powers toward the continuous reassessment  of relevance and value, within the surspecific, universality, and simplicity fields of expressive need. by  Lewis Gesner  

The 1914 Forest

by Iulian Tănase translated by Raisa Lambru [MTTLC student]   pentru versiunea română click aici   The sand is a cannibalistic numerologist, pretty well-known among some hot and salty circles, and which feeds on raw meat. Its musculature is very delicate, and its numerous victims know this. The cannibalistic numerologist is endowed with an outer […]

Romanian Fantastic Literature: 2011 awards

(a reader’s guide to fantasy [1]) by Oliviu Crâznic translation from Romanian by Angelica Ţapoca [MTTLC student]   click aici pentru versiunea română   Starting with this issue we will give some special attention to Romanian fantastic literature trying therefore to emphasize the fact that SF, fantasy or horror lovers do not necessarily need to […]

Poems by Fred D’Aguiar

click pentru versiunea română   Golden Shovel Borrowed From Derek Walcott and Gwendolyn Brooks   In that ragbag Calypso down in Trinidad The braggadocio of the frontloaded word, bad, For how good steel drums shaped for pan sound With a Spock-like ear to the wok-burnt ground.

The Evasive Principle

by Lewis Gesner   Evasion firstly implies moving away, which you may further break down to moving   and direction.  Moving, energy, motivation encapsulated in direction, extending   from a primary, atomic or undigressable node, which is the principle of evading an object,   whether physical, hypothetical, or simply invisible. (perhaps, fictional) Evasion as a […]

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