The devil is the pitiful god

by Patrick Călinescu translation from Romanian by: A C Clarke & Stela Cucu [MTTLC student] click aici pentru versiunea română   Today I am completely free. Tomorrow I will see what the first thing to chain me will be. But, still, let me rejoice at the time that I have been given to live unimpeded […]

The Human Voice

by Axel H. Lenn   Grandmother Alexis once told me “life is a long distance run for various things, but you’re amazingly lucky if, in the end, you run into yourself”. I experienced this precise sort of sensation recently, when I almost never made it to a theatrical representation in the very heart of this […]

Fathers, Sons & The Lineage of Affliction

by Joe Clifford   In the introduction for his brilliant collection of short stories, The Angel on the Roof, author Russell Banks writes, “The death of a parent [when we are an adult] is a terrible thing, but because our parents usually have not been a part of our daily lives for years, most of […]

Sunday Without the Sun, Nevertheless Encroached by Monday

by Meg Tuite   A vision of numberless, cold plates sit on tables with the scattered remains of potatoes, carrots and bones. How many hands hold forks in bleary kitchens with peat-green wallpaper and embroidered sayings encased in plastic frames? Each thread stitched through those embroidery circles with knobby knuckles that beast with the stretch […]

How Some People Live Their Lives

by Ron D’Alena   [filmed at Howiees on Front in Medford, Oregon]     December: a good time to be indoors. I’m two stools away from men hunched over beers, conversing in low tones. Work my lighter against a cigarette; watch Jenny push a bottle of Miller to a man wearing an Oakland Raiders cap. […]

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