short story

Moving Through

by Alex M. Pruteanu click aici pentru versiunea română     I dreamed of Gepetto and his impossible puppets with their growing body parts, carved out of stray logs found by neighbours. The strings to one of his marionettes had become tangled, and the wooden creature was suspended in an unstable, weird, macabre pose with […]


by Radu Părpăuţă translation from Romanian by Raisa Lambru [MTTLC student] click aici pentru versiunea română     Firenze. Via Giambologna – a calm, shaded street, with colourful, nobby ville. Three men are walking slowly from the slopping end of the street: two of them seem to be around 50 years old, while the third […]

La Sombra

by Steven Cottingham click aici pentru versiunea română / cliquez ici pour la version française   After twenty-nine years of marriage, Beto hated to look at his wife’s hands. They disgusted him, all old and callused and manly. He could remember a time before the babies, before the blood, before the ugliness – a time […]

A visit to the Mythological Garden

by Bogdan Mureşanu translation from Romanian by Simona Sămulescu [MTTLC student] pentru versiunea română click aici   I think I was about six years old, and I just starting first grade when, on a Sunday, my father took me with him to see the animals in Baneasa. It was an early spring day and the […]

Echinacea mustard

by Silviu Dachin translation from Romanian by Camelia-Aura Barbu [MTTLC student] click aici pentru versiunea română   We all experience big or small things in ordinary days. You cannot schedule your way out of the ordinary. Uncommon days are presents and it must be weird to give yourself presents.

Dangerous Cargo

by Oliviu Crâznic translation from Romanian by Nigel Waker & Angelica Ţapoca [MTTLC student] click aici pentru versiunea română     I strode the cold metal corridor while darkness was chasing along the frequent portholes. No matter what people on the ground thought, the space had always been black, even when drowned in starlight. Because […]

Just another Wednesday

by Adrian Sângeorzan translation from Romanian by Caroline Carver & Roxana-Andreea Dragu [MTTLC student] click aici pentru versiunea română     Working a shift means that for 24 hours you become isolated from the rest of the world and even from the rest of your own life, which has to be set aside for a […]

Howl [Applause to Allan Ginsberg]

by Robert Fenhagen click aici pentru versiunea română     A neighborhood dog is howling a mournful song—I wish I had a stone to harmonize.   Sitting alone, drinking from a beer in which a dead fly floated; a beer in which  I might drown, too,  I   feel  lonely, but alive; even though I don’t […]

The kiss of the pony

by Carmen Firan translation from Romanian by Dorothy McCarthy & Cristina Baciu [MTTLC student] click aici pentru versiunea română     In certain American nursing homes for the elderly, a pony is brought in once a month. The elderly are taken outside in the yard or garden of the institution, some are carried in wheelchairs, […]

The Infantile Misogyny of Gran Autor

by Patrick Călinescu click aici pentru versiunea română / cliquez ici pour la version française   “Are you sleeping, Master?”   “No. Why?”   “That woman owner, whom you sent for yesterday, has finally come to see you.”   “Send him in then.”   “That I will, Master.”  

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