A Dialogue

by Gene Tanta [USA]

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x: Why do you come to these events?
y: We must prepare and politicize this space. Lock the doors.

x: We seem to be accented by our circumstances. Will you help us unload the handbags?
y: No, we have the boat to take over.

x: How can such a small dog lead such a large man? The harbor clinks away in Toronto.
y: For which we are preparing. So, please be reassured.

x: Chances are, chance does not exist.
y: Sir, please do not pressurize us on this matter.

x: We have a boat to take over, do we not?
y: The moon neither sleeps on its laurels nor is fully awake among the masts.

x: Very well, but how do we prepare for the theory of chance? The chance of theory?
y: We must count the heads of nephews. We will ride again.

x: According to the plan of happenstance: Adriene Dodt, Denise Dooley,
y: Elizabeth Marino, Scott McFarland, Matthias Regan, Gene Tanta, Adam Weg

x: The boat we are supposed to take over is late or not coming at all.
y: Sir, please do not pressurize us on this matter.

x: Community puts an arm around you in Chicago under the cling-cling of expensive boats.
y: Chance operations of the crotch!

x: So sit back, be reassured: this is art without a tradition.
y: Freedom starts after you pay and lock the doors.

A Dialogue

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