by Karen Lethlean

Mellie.L Need new cossies! Before school hols. Grown koala ears of hair down there? When did distance between my ribs and hips get wider? #new shape #pubes #wardrobe malfunction.

Kate.L My little girl, child no longer. Sad, but smiley face too. Must buy new pair of swimmers. #little women #go shopping

Mellie.L Can’t believe mum said yes. Not one of those creepy places, fitting you, cup size, all touchie-feelie. #new costume

Download: Running Shop, new stock: #not just shoes: Regular customer discount voucher.

Download – 4 ways to a better body:

  • Reduce serving sizes
  • Increase exercise
  • Consume less sugar
  • Keep a food and exercise diary

Mellie.L Put dumbbells back. Kyle will never notice. Dad always said garage mini gym is for everyone. #use it #girlie weights #pushing iron #don’t tell #better me.

            Diary: small plate. Walked to train station.

#no school bus for me.

            Jogged with mum. Good job no one saw. Will do athletics track on my own now

Mellie.L Nicked some of mum’s diet meal replacements. She won’t notice if I wash up drink bottles. #not often #don’t tell.

Mellie.L #wow #new me #dreamy. Lost 15kg. Only took 3 months. Sweaty & smiley face. Active wear = reptile skin. Now loose waist bands.

Mellie.L #popular #pesky boys. No you can’t have my mobile number. Why do you have to sit right there? #pimple face #bad haircut.

Diary entry: don’t overdo it.

Not stick figures.

Keep girly curves.

St.PenePretties@school.girls Danger Claire alert! Knife cheekbones. Eewk face hair, see. Fine, almost invisible but still there, and on a girl. How many times she looks at herself sideways? #anorexic #string legs #sick looking #get a maxi meal #finger in mouth barf

Mellie.L Great movie. Have to make a choice – drinks or snacks! #no money #stingy olds

Kate.L Little girl wants to work. Smiley face. Learning life skills.

Download: Daily Herald: Study: Part time employment benefits teenagers.

Advertisement: Suburbia News Brett Gibson: Gibbo’s Gym casual staff. Food preparation duties, some cleaning. Health club reception. Able to work weekends essential. Suit fit and athletic young person. Potential to move into membership sales or management duties.

Mellie.L #got it #working life. Thought no hope in hell. Mr Gibson doesn’t hire just anyone. Said, you look right for the job. Taunt looking, not muscle bound.

Gibbo’sBabes@Gibbo’ My latest talent. Call in and check Mel out. #hot teenage girl #not gym junkie #long legs #perks of a gym #cute #scrummy

Mellie.L #new uniform selfie. Ok tiny skirt, but comes with panties.

Kyle.L #little sister #Gibbo Babes? #sad face

Gibbo’s Gym Guided Tour: Fruit juice machines – can do 5 veg and 2 fruits. Not just carrots. This shelf, yeah right up there, that’s right, big stretch to get them down, is where we keep protein powders. Make sure to check if client requests whey or soy protein. Health shakes too. Bend over to get chilled milk out, add extra coconut milk powder, acai gunk, and this slow release syrup. Any rubbish left around tables, put out back in our rubbish skip. Flatten down supplement cartons. Clients swipe in here. No card, no access. That’s right, smile nicely. You can change here, behind our counter, keep those shirts clean. Don’t mention CCTV.

Mellie.L #not really smoothies #just caramel #not healthy. Powdered sugar.

Gibbo’sBabes@Gibbo’ pretty girls, all in row. Same, same but each one different. Got my name on their budding boobs. #branded #get down here.

St.PenePretties@school.girls Warning sleaze alert. Only skanks get jobs at Gibbo’s Gym. You wait, won’t be long before he is trying to look down your shirt, touch your bum. Go the grope.

Mellie.L OMG. Mr Browne goes here. #teacher alert. Of course. No one more surprized than me, seeing young Melanie Lownes at old Gibson’s Gym. Does she know what he’s like? #students everywhere.

Mellie.L Diary entry: “You teach at my school” #big mouth. Nothing says louder, full and first off, I’m a kid and you’re an adult. Golden Rule: hands off students. Nothing wrong with a friendly smile, nodded acknowledgement. She’s on Gibbo’s Gym drink counter. #cute #teeny tiny skirt #what’s not to like.

Mellie.L #he spoke. Said, “you look good, in shape. Nice legs.” #don’t tell. #Mum the Fun Run Queen. Borrowed Dad’s words, “not that fun and run should go together.” #joke shared #cute grin. Melanie looked ready to leave. Picked up her bag. Words came out of my mouth, “want to share on those cleansing teas with me before you head home?”

Mellie.L Those teas aren’t that good for you. Make you pee. You know. So nervous. #find words “What do you think of the new head of Phys-Ed?”

Mellie.L Don’t talk about teachers with teachers. What if Browne-on tells Ferris face? #watch out #don’t tell. Sorry didn’t mean to put you on the spot, just a little cross because I caught him going through lists of who’d used school gym spaces. Like I wouldn’t be able to keep accurate rolls, or weed out kids who bring correct permission notes. Can I ask you something? My little sister, not much younger. Is about to have a 14th birthday party and I don’t really know what to get. You got any ideas? #sad face Melanie #my bad. Just trying to be #kid sister’s pal

Mellie.L #school records. You have a sister so way younger? Yeah, I know fairly makes your stomach crawl to think about. When I was almost a teenager, my parents still getting together enough for another baby! #don’t tell.

Mellie.L #easy to talk with #not pimple faced boy #good butt Down load: Golden Oldies for work outs. …you better run girl… young girl you’re way out of line….

St.PenePretties@school.girls #check it out. Half-hearted wave @ assembly #crush

Mellie.L #bitches watching. Feels weird. School uniform. #don’t tell #cute socks #short skirts #face flush

St.PenePretties@school.girls Mel L has hots for old brown-on. #pass it on #google eyes.

Mellie.L Have not. Fuck off #sports day #supervisor. Wall to wall nymph-ettes.

Mellie.L #browne-on #looking good. Shows up at Gibbo’s gym wearing a Power Lifting Championships T shirt. #athlete #older babe #teacher idol worship

St.PenePretties@school.girls Look out – Browne-on standing close. #prick #sleaze #playground duty. Boys think he’s a god. Easy pass for being over 20. #wish list #should not #don’t tell.

…young girl get out of my mind…

#Nudge in my pants. Spend time pressing my groin against cold school railings. #panic

…love for you is way out of line… run girl.

…hey little girl, is your daddy home… got a bad desire…I’m on fire…

Aren’t they doing it by 15? Maybe I could find something on the net. #horny. But porno watching guys get caught. Let something slip. #browsing history.

Mellie.L #boss looks at me weird. #Gibbo into panties! #CCTV. #don’t stand so close. She’s all talk, no action, will never follow through. #tease

Mellie.L #pressure #not true #kid or adult? YOLO If I asked her, bet she wouldn’t even give me a hug. #little tease #chicken

Mellie.L #huggy bear #don’t tell. He is harmless. #not Gibbo. Shut him up with a hug.

TEXT: miss you. Xx 2-week school hols are too long.

Mellie.L How did he get my mobile number? #student records.

Kate.L #surfer Dudes #Gold Coast Surf lifesavers. Talking to Melanie. She looks cute in those swimmers. #getting older. #watch out world

Mellie.L New cossie, feels good, looks great. #Surf Lifesavers. What’s not to like? Pity only reminding me to swim between the flags.

Gibbo’sBabes@Gibbo’ Asks for extra shifts, then gives me a cold shoulder. #Stuck up. Wait on, hot for Cameron Browne. #what’s he got? Sure mate, spend time with her. Someone will need to break her cherry, one day, may as well be you. Note to self: back off and watch the fun. #CCTV #watching as good as doing.

Mellie.L Browne-on’s hand on my shoulder. Wanted to pull away. #what now. Boss said its fine. Gave a man-grin like they share something I don’t. #Sleazy Gibbo. Reason for those short skirts, tight shirts. Got dragged back into weights room. #Giant mirrors. Setting up an impromptu bench press comp, drops his track pants, right there. #lycra shorts #should not wear them. #too much on show. Pulled his lifting gloves on. Felt as if his hands were scraping my insides. #strong #sweaty #grunting. Lifts twice as much as I weigh. #hot for me #baby bear #cuddle girl

Melli.L #stomach churn. #flushed. Felt like getting caught shoplifting.

Kate.L #cranky teenager #won’t talk. Too many shifts @ Gibbo’s Gym? Something’s bothering her. Mother has to tread carefully. #guilty #hot babe. She must know. #not first time #no more wanking. Picturing head girl prefect coming up to the stage, empty of course, reaching down and taking my dick in her tiny, soft hand. Imagine any of them girls in tiny gym shorts they all wear, bending over right where I am bound to see. #they know.

TEXT: Be brave, meet at Back Beach.

Kate.L #girl date #off to the beach #one of Kyle’s friends. #teenage romance. Lovely Timmy, Kyle’s wicket keeper, hope so. Smiley face. Little girl growing up. What is she wearing? Young girls dress so skanky. One of those lacy all in one shorts things. How can I get it removed? #babe #hot. #knows. Looks so much older than my little sister. #does this mean I want to fuck my baby sister?

Mellie.L too cold. Southerly buster. Too scared anyway. Didn’t want to show him my new bathers. #killer looks #shit scared. Holding my hand!!! Called me pooh bear. Feel like his little sister. Only not. #official crush. Live just up there. No flat mates. Just me. You’re a bit cold. Why don’t we go get a hot drink? Sit and talk. #get her alone #don’t tell.

Mellie.L Do want to spend time with him. Holding my hand, feels good. #did not see this coming. #grabbed my neck. #can’t speak. Tasted blood. #go limp. Mind goes somewhere else, shut eyes, tight, an old forgotten memory played like a video before my eyes. #Safer place. Running with Woofy dog. #no more cock teasing.

Mellie.L Hand still on my throat. Couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t move. Sharp pain across my body. Don’t want to be here. Don’t want to do this. #Just say no. Can’t fight. #won’t listen.  #all my fault. #shouldn’t be here. Wasn’t what I agreed to, wasn’t even something I could imagine happening. #slut #stupid #skank. Where is gentleness, warm yellow surrounds from movies? Not even fumbling, giggling touching and nudging in so many TV shows. #they never show #fantasy world. This is your first time. #nice togs. Now let’s get them off you. I’ll put a towel under you, could get messy.

Mellie.L Felt like a piece of gym equipment he doesn’t want to sweat on. So proud you picked me.

Mellie. L Did I? #no choice. Felt sorry for him. Supposed to be something special. #loser #prick Talking like I am up on a stage getting a school award. #not frightened of him anymore. OK a bit scared. #angry #feel guilty. Just relax. #guilt #no guilt. She wants this. #huge pleasure. #her first. Can’t deny thrill when she cried out in pain. Enjoyed puzzled looks back at me. Got off on bewildered expression on her cute, young face. Pleasure of being first man invading her body. #younger babe. Innocent enough to be won over by a man, a real man. Only had to stop her cock teasing, did show consideration.

Mellie.L Am I imagining this? Is this what adults do? Didn’t agree. Everyone would say I went looking for sex by going to his flat. #prick #don’t tell We can be great mates. #huggy bear #hot babe #want more.

Mellie.L #not holding hands now. Collecting clothing off his floor, cringe! Hate those bathers. Never wear them again.

Departure Board: Beachside Station: 15mins to next train departure. I’ll sit with you. #big sad eyes #huggy bear.

Mellie.L Why does he need to sit with me? Just fuck off. Can’t stand his smell. “You don’t have to, I’ll be fine” #wont cry! #prick #just go. “Be careful, this should be our secret.” #don’t tell. Wouldn’t want to wreck my chances to do this again. #she wanted it #didn’t say no.

Mellie.L Watch him walk away. Hate that tight butt, way he looks around even when going straight ahead. #checking to see who’s looking #prick. Told me to relax. What will he do with that towel now? #can’t sit still #need chocolate.

IGA Supermarket: Tim Tams $2.59

Kate.L Been three days now. Barely out of her room. Keeps saying doesn’t want to go to work, or back to school. Eating all sorts of rubbish. Won’t even come for a power walk. #how bad was her date? #what did he do? #not just teenage angst.

Kyle.L Something’s wrong. # little sister.

St.PenePretties@school.girls Another year. Who gets what classes? Watch out, Browne-on for PDHPE, don’t stand so close! Tell boys to watch out. #don’t be his bitch. Wouldn’t want to be on Browne-on’s cricket team. #not just sports coaching. What’s with Mel? #greasy hair #long pants. Get her to talk to a councillor.

St.PenePretties@school.girls cc: Mel. #Me too. You’re not alone. #in his car.

Mellie.L So glad, you told me Alice. Hate him so much. #get even? #angry

Kate.L Finally. Tiny hint slipped out, don’t want to wear those swimmers anymore. All I did was ask why? Dissolved in tears. Barely speak. How long she’s kept secrets?  #Prick. In what world did he think this was okay? #not my baby #not how it should be. Ferris came into my SLR class. Told me to see Principal. Police in her office. “Go clean out your desk.” Good job during class time, staff room almost empty. Removed from school. Relieved of duties. WTF #who told. Tell them – just plutonic. #get a lawyer.

St.PenePretties@school.girls Cops in the car park. Have you heard? Browne-on. Heard he raped someone, a boy. #eewk #double sleaze. Down back of school gym. Not the only one. Said he wouldn’t write a reference without something in return. #sleaze on sleaze.

Community Weekly Headlines. 2 years later. School Teacher guilty of Sexual Abuse. Bisexual. Kept contact with text messages. Taken to his flat …Told to relax… pet names: Huggy Bear. Anal sex with schoolboys. Kept contact with students after graduation. Claims accusations were totally false. Denied having sex with the claimant…they were “good mates”.

Community Weekly Headlines: Jail sentence for teacher. Judge finds position abused. Jailed for at least six years. Browne, 39 found guilty by a jury of 14 counts of aggravated sexual assault and five counts of sexual intercourse with a person under care involving two female students and one male student. …persons aged between 14 and 16…learnt the 14-year-old gay student had a crush on him…chatting on line.


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