by Jonathan Vidgop translated into English by Leo Shtutin My room is very small. I can traverse it in five steps, turn right or left, depending on what wall I’m walking along, and take three further steps. My room thus resembles a Christian coffin or an antique pencil box with a fitted wooden lid. But […]

poems by Ivan de Monbrison

translated into English from the Russian originals by the author We are Sunday morning, the month of May 2022 is almost over, Saturday night, there was a soccer competition in Paris, this morning the city was full of garbage that the fans had left everywhere, they had even broken tree branches. A jay was lying […]

Vladimir’s cock

by Călin Torsan translated from Romanian by Mihai-Andrei Fulgescu ― Mommy, mommy! See, this rock looks like one of the three piggies from the cartoons! Right? Indeed, there was a sculpture occupying the middle of the exhibit hall that could be interpreted like this. Nevertheless, the mom went the extra mile and whispered to her […]

Bob’s endeavor

by Călin Torsan translated into English by Mihai Andrei Fulgescu He was a writer, but he had never made money out of it. Moreso, he hadn’t even been capable of winning a single literature contest. So after that 2-hour walk in the park with Alice, having endured the cold and rubbish spouted by her to […]

The Saṃsāra Dictionary

by Ștefan Bolea translation from Romanian by A.C. Clarke and Alina-Olimpia Miron [MTTLC] Arthur Schopenhauer (b. 22 February 1778, d. 21 September 1860, reborn on 17 November 1944) – German philosopher, famous for The World as Will and Representation, a treaty that aims at solving the issue of Kant’s unknowable noumenon. He was fonder of […]

The Losers Masquerade

by Oliviu Crâznic translation from Romanian by Nigel Walker and Alina-Olimpia Miron [MTTLC] I had staked them out ever since morning – they were both on horseback, coming from somewhere in the South, which meant they could be from my brother’s army or Herbert’s army as well. There was no way of knowing yet – […]

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