by Jonathan Vidgop translated into English by Leo Shtutin My room is very small. I can traverse it in five steps, turn right or left, depending on what wall I’m walking along, and take three further steps. My room thus resembles a Christian coffin or an antique pencil box with a fitted wooden lid. But […]

The last Three Weeks

by Chris Gartland Nice, Nice, Very Nice – 12/23/2022 Despite planning a solstice break, scribblings on paper, persistent as paintings on cave walls, do not allow it, it, it, it’s not a real word in the sense of understanding offsides if never having played the game – perhaps a proof in the form of an […]

“Poetry is the underground water we all need”

[interview with Simon Fletcher]  by Monica Manolachi Monica Manolachi: Last autumn you were one of the four commended poets in the Michael Marks Environment Poet of the Year Prize. What does this recognition mean to you? Simon Fletcher: It means a lot, frankly. I’ve been writing environmental poetry for years and getting a few poems […]

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