Douglas Young

Fishing for a Connection

by Douglas Young      Before the plane took off, a stewardess stood in the aisle explaining in a bored monotone what to do “in the highly unlikely event of an emergency.” Addison Armistead contemplated whether he preferred to survive should the plane crash. After such a pleasant stay at the conference in New Mexico where […]

The Light in the Cemetery

by Douglas Young      Ellis Hawkins and Julep McBride sat together on the high school bus taking them home on a late Friday spring afternoon. They had grown up next door to each other on Woodlawn Avenue across the street from the largest local cemetery. Born weeks apart, Julep and Ellis were playmates from the […]

An Urgent Legal Matter

by Douglas Young      Mimosa Mitchell was an 85-year-old “pillar of the community” and matriarch of one of the most prominent families in Petunia Springs. Indeed, for generations the Mitchells had been a significant presence among the town’s politicians, doctors, bankers, and accountants. Mimosa’s late husband had long enjoyed the largest medical practice in all […]

The Secret

by Douglas Young     Julissa Ye relished all the comfortable little routines and quietude defining her part-time job at The Bookery, downtown’s last small, locally owned bookstore. As much as she enjoyed the excitement of the college social scene, working at The Bookery provided a tranquil respite from the other rooms of her life […]

The Place

by Douglas Young      After lunch the family sat on the back porch chatting leisurely, watching who was walking down the street, and speaking to those they knew. Everyone was shelling peas from the garden except the grandfather and his grandsons. The three-year-old was on the floor playing with little race cars while the six-year-old […]

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