by Bob Fenhagen (USA)

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It was going to be another hot day in Florida– sluggish and sensual.  It was June and creatures were hot and hungry.                                                                  

The baby bird flopped out of the nest and fell to the ground like a stone, but had only fallen a few feet and was unhurt. It had landed in one of the tiny yards of the Shady Lane development outside of Tampa.
    The pretty twenty-three year old mother picked her infant daughter up and took her out to the porch, and put the baby into her playpen. It was was a few feet from where the bird had landed.  The bird was sitting in the grass like a downy white piece of fluff and  the contrast against the green of the grass was striking.
    A neighborhood boy, who everyone said was big for his age, peeked from behind a plastic fence watching the young blond mother. He rubbed his hand across his face and felt the pressure in his groin.
The cat, which had been sliding through the underbrush that bordered the yard froze and turned toward the baby chick. Hunger pangs were the only thing that drove it at the moment.  It liked to keep out of the Florida sun by finding a cool spot and sleeping the day away, but it had awoken hungry and had noticed the baby bird fall.

     The young mother made sure that her daughter was not getting too much sun, turned and went back into the small tract house  The boy watched her go into the house through a sliding door.  
    She retraced her steps through the kitchen and trotted down the six steps to the unfinished basement, where her washer and dryer were.
   She slapped her forehead, realizing that she had forgotten to bring the baby’s sheet down.  She bumped into the pile of dirty laundry as she ran back up the stairs to the kitchen, and then up the stairs to the second floor.   As she walked, she remembered that she also should call her girlfriend, Michelle.
  She picked up the upstairs phone and dialed.  There was no answer, so she left a message both confirming their date tonight and asking Michelle to call.  She hung up, quickly walked into the baby’s room and pulled the barely soiled sheet off of the crib’s mattress.
   As she was trotting down the stairs, the phone rang.  The young mother smiled, knowing that would be Michelle.
   The teenager had come from around the fence and was now hugging the side of the house.  He had an immense erection, which threatened to explode.
  He thought of the young mother’s tiny body, took a deep breath and moved around toward the sliding glass door.

The cat was not bothering to crouch, because  the bird would be an easy kill.
    Suddenly, the phone rang and a police siren sounded off in the distance.
   The cat pounced, and missing the bird, slunk away, its stomach beginning to howl for something to eat.
    The boy looked around and moved back behind the fence.  He accidentally bumped his erection against one of the cheap fence posts and ejaculated.  His mother would notice and knowing her, would probably say something.  He felt like such a freak.  
    The young mother thought about her husband and smiled to herself.   She didn’t love him nearly as much as the way she felt for her baby, but did love him.

     After putting down the receiver, she went back out to check on her baby before putting the laundry on.  The little blond girl was sleeping soundly and the mother smiled, glad that she had gotten the chance to talk to Michelle before getting the wash on.

A female bird circled the area above the baby bird, who was sitting in the grass looking around.  The cat was no longer a threat, but the mother continued to circle and the air seemed to shimmer


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