May Your Fountain Run Dry (A Curse)

by Marcus Goldberg

I keep words inside my brain’s womb
I let them out to breathe cancer maybe
to get stronger and to become the weapons they should be

I send words to fight mediocrity
I train them to educate guilt and laziness
I want them to be my ticket out of here

I could have died before twenty
I could have died insane
but I’m here to struggle against my fate

there’s a mountain in my dreams
there are witches and gods that play with my life
inventing new tortures
I defy them all and hate them forever

they condemned me to hell
but my soul has wings
and pain makes me more ambitious in the end

I say to my enemies
may your fountain run dry
may sun eat your moisture and may you die

may poison devour you
may the desert eat your soul
and may the wind splash your ashes into my hell

I damn you because you damned me too
I banish you into the hell of my thoughts
where only darkness tames fire

May Your Fountain Run Dry (A Curse)

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