A Question Of Innocence (Answers In Gray)

by Oliviu Crâznic

Coming with the resurrection,
Casting spells won`t hide the sins;
I`m still seeing, in my nightmare,
How you’ve cut your bleeding wings.

Freezing faeries dancing naked,
God is covering his face;
Crows are here for the dinner,
Kindness dies, and so dies grace.

Soul of shadows – cold eyes meeting,
Kill the sparrow!…, kill the dove!…
Can’t you hear God is weeping?
Friendship dies, and so dies love.

Never had I asked this question, never wanted I to know;
Drinking blood instead of honey, you feel high – but you’re below.
Down this road no angel sightings, night descends upon your ways;
Late it is, and I am leaving – for I’ve got answers in gray.


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