poems by Vlad Vlădulescu

Delirium tremens


All that is useless

All that is banned

All that gets thrown away

All found in the Delirium minds of the deranged.

All Raw


Sparked with memories of purple days

of time and space

compressing each other

annihilating each other.

Mindfuck induced delirium

and the poets are all dead

art has killed itself

has hanged itself

by the corporate neckties of those getting worn all day.

and the drugs

and the memories

the tight dresses and melting eyes

all images of a distant past

bending the future

and injecting it with the heroin of the masses – Submission!

and the Anarchist got up

walked to the closet

took out his best suit

and got ready for another day

of shoveling reality on the last remains of human dreams

9 AM Sharp – New Shift Starting

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The Burnt land


I stopped on the bridge and gazed at the water

A soul mirror towards nowhere

Faces i couldn’t recognize

Insects feasting on each other

Silent screams of flesh

Buried into the voices of the dead

Look at us now

Drained of all we used to call essence

Left to roam the land of nowhere

The classics are gone

The new age is gone

The rebels?

Don’t kid yourself they ever existed

They were as real as they are now

Piles of flesh buried by piles of concrete

All covered by dust

Not even time remembers them anymore

As it won’t remember you

Go back to your imaginary home

Make sure it’s well kept

The earth’s patience is beginning to crumble.


poems by Vlad Vlădulescu

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