Subterranean Spark

by Lucian Mareș


I know the truth.
Truth is unique, complete, undivided.
And you are not part of it. Because your destiny is not here, not now. Your truth is somewhere in the future.
The truth is a moral law given by precise knowledge of reality, and reality is only past, only history.
Truth is a purpose in itself, it does not need other purpose; so I know nothing except the truth!

Addiction and Desire

Desire is nothing more than a thirst which does not heal.
Once you start seeking satisfaction outside yourself,
desire is born out from an inborn privation, and as long as you think you satisfy it, you only become addicted. You renounce a absolute life, throwing yourself into a bewilderness, in the love of a woman, in the dreams of a drug, or other means of satisfaction.
This is the paradox of thirst: Satisfaction does not ease it, but it only confirms it.

Left Hand Path

There is a hidden way to reach perfection in the matters of the soul. It is called the Left Hand Path, since it involves extreme pain and pleasure, and sins beyond any moral obligation. Trough pleasure, pain, bewilderness, sex, drugs, or any other wicked way, we should reach a state of absolute fatigue, pushed to the very limit of being able to live. Once reached that border, the rapture produces and our spirit is freed, since many seals that bind us to this mundane existence are broken.

Wicked Love

Love is a sickness of the soul.
Love relentlessly pushes ourselves through procreation, and that gives us the false hope that somehow we may not die. All that is born is doomed to fade and die. We rise, shine, fall and fade. Desire is death. Desire of good hides in itself something evil.
Love can be seen as the desire to become one with the other; but is the one who feels love the one who feels desire. Individuality hides its greatest enemy within itself. The desire it feels to propagate itself, makes her to never be complete, to never achieve unity with the subject of its of love.

Principles of Lust

In front of a naked woman, one must discover in his most hidden layers of his consciousness the same terrifying emotion as it reveals in front of a great mystery. If this is not felt, it will be nothing but desire, and desire only blinds the soul to this reality, than rather free it. This mysterious magick is rarely achieved in a couple, because a stranger will better arouse an emotional intensity required to produce a rapture in the level of consciousness.
The nature of sex is a force, not merely mundane pleasure, and as any force in nature, it must be impersonal, stripped of any ego. During the great communion, each one becomes a whole, and transubstantiation carries the partners to the edge of reality, where they simulate the very act of creation from the dawn of time itself. Such a moment lasts forever, since it will never be forgotten.

Sex is more than the illusory, obscure and desperate pleasure we use to treat our disgust and existential stress of life. In matters of sex, the rediscovery of its primordial meaning and its endless possibilities depends of the elevation of the modern man and his passing beyond physical and spiritual depressions to which he was led by the empty dreams of his material civilization, which threatens to erase the very concept of what is truly a male or female.


At the bottom of our being, we are as primitive as animals and beasts. Countless eons and generations we lived in darkness, ignorance and fear. We feel now the light of knowledge shining above us, but its light is dimmed and darkness covers us all when we feel fear, when we feel danger.
For this, there is no cure. Few strong spirits can stand against adversity untouched, but at the core, they know and feel the beast inside.

Subterranean Spark

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