Two dreamy mysteries of english linguistics

by Paweł Markiewicz

The epistemological rule according to Paweł Markiewicz
in relation to the English language


Claim: Words located on the same page (or on the adjacent page) of the English-Polish dictionary like to interact.


The relationships are as follows:

  1. Connecting

for example.

abysmal abyss

  1. Letter reduction: a b y s
  2. The so-called epistemological-linguistic rest
    on the left side
    phontic: smal = small
  3. Opposite:

abysmal abyss – small absolution

  1. Partial reduction of letter: s l
    on the right side from >small absolution<

You can extract the word: abut
from the same page of the dictionary

as a rest

mal ab o u t ion

The second rest about from the adjacent side.
On the other hand: Abu (Dhabi).

Abut – Every space, also the sky is limited;
borders on something.

From these words: ional.

The paradise is indeed ional.

The second epistemological rule
according to Mr. Paweł Markiewicz
in relation to the epistemology

Rules for many dictionary pages are immeasurable, undiscovered, meek (propitious). They are waiting to be discovered.

like a ontological duck from a duckling
have become a philosopher from a valedictorian
like the dreamer (below).

Rule: words: dual – dyspnoea

There are words of

negative terms

for example

negative: duffer, dullard, dummy, dupe, dull, dwarf

reign: dub, duchess, duchy, duke, dungeon, duty, duteous

rubbish: dump, dung, dump truck, dust, dusty, dustbin, duster, dustman


Two dreamy mysteries of english linguistics

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