poem by Sharafadeen Muhsinah

The idiosyncratic


We are humans whom People think of us as being aberrant

We behave in a way that is eccentric to their own way

Does that mean we are abnormal?

Some of us write from opposite direction, which differs from the way they write

Some of us think critically beyond the world’s imagination

Bittersweet days come, in which that our different thinking might be appreciated or reprehended.

Some of us are created to be hyperkinetic when the dusk arrives

While we maybe inactive during the day

Does that make us anomalous?

Pelting us with any objects they have near them is what our parents do

Thinking that will change those idiosyncrasies in us

Parents,Guardians, classmates, friends and family

Make us feel believe in ourselves that we can make it in this life

For that every human comes to this life for a significant purpose

Irrespective of idiosyncrasies or abnormalities.

My name is sharafdeen Muhsinah Wuraola

I hail from Nigeria and I am a seventeen years old girl.


poem by Sharafadeen Muhsinah

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