poems by Mark Antony Rossi

Soma and the Unknowing Slave


I grew up with Huxley tucked in my heart

His brave new world was orderly

Next to degrading urban decay.


I craved his seductive soma

I wanted to explore the outer reaches

I created a possible path way forward


I grew with Huxley eyeless in north jersey

Forming facts faster than light beams

Finding friendship fleeting and feckless


But a library is a home when homes are lost

And a library is a church where angels are afraid

And a library is a clinic to close old wounds


Huxley, a nearly blind man, opened my eyes

To the seduction of freedom void of ethics

And what of rights without responsibility


This is the slave ignorant to his slavery.

Yes be free but be smart

For a free society depends on more

Than bravery.




To Be a Roman


The pasta

And the pizza

Get tiring

But not as much

As my whole culture

Boiled down

To a mafia punchline.

Before those morons

Landed at Plymouth

There was



Da Vinci

And hundreds more


Writing, sculpting

And painting history.

We once ruled

The known world

While your ancestors

Were harassing sheep.


poems by Mark Antony Rossi

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