poems by Dennis Williams

                Pull me up

Burden overburden

I’m sinking very fast

this is more than my fair share

of the cross, I must bear.


I’m sinking into this quicksand

my feet are losing grip

I need some good help

and I need it very quickly.


I’m crying in this bellow

no one seems to care

I’m going down being swallowed

this is more than my fair share


I’m stretching like a rubber

is there an end to it

can’t go any further

it stretches until it buck.


I think I need a strong hand

to pull me to the shore

to save me from being swallowed

and give me my fair share. End.




                                                I drift away

I drift,

For only a moment,

To a faraway isle,

Funny how much can be done,

In just a moment or two.

It’s like it’s been forever

I’ve been on the aisle.


I visit friends and long last relatives,

I haven’t seen them  since  the slavery days,

When we climb tall trees,

Escaping from hungry dogs which hunt our hearts as trophies,

And drink our blood, to quench their thirst.


We smile, feeling relief and relaxed,

Knowing that in my drift we were secure and out of reach.

We take turns, fighting and defeating slave hunters I encounter along the trail.


I Jump off cliffs,

Escaping from those who hunt me,

Evaporating in the midst of the battle to their disgust.

Hungry to enslave me,

And subject me to servitude,

Which I so detest.


I visited towns that were prohibited,

And sail on rivers I couldn’t afford,

I cross border fortify with tankers and battleships.


I went to Timbuktu,

The cradle of knowledge,

And speak with a chief,

From the Ibibio clan,

My ancestors gave me a tour.


Yes, all these I did,

All these feats I accomplish,

In just adrift,

A moment ago. End.




I choose it


But I choose the wrong one

it’s helpless

I smash up the plan.


Cant repair it

material scare

can’t defend it

can’t keep pace.


Thought I had it

Thought it was fit

made a move

and I slip


What the hell to do

Satisfaction or tears

to say I’m satisfied

I would be telling a lie. End.




Life long journey


Life long journey,

seeking food for the gut

the more  you eat

it is as if not.


Seeking out a decent living is just part of the journey,

of the story, there are other trimmings to make it whole.


The gut, that receptacle that seems never to end, what you eat today, becomes the foundation of tomorrow.


A rendezvous with the end, eat today for tomorrow’s strength for the task ahead.


Navigating life’s rough and tumble journey it seems is just for this unquenchable threat, eat well today, for many is just a last eat.




Nation vs Nation

Nation against nation

fighting like a tribe

a call to the united nation

this is no free ride

the blood-shedding

flowing like a stream

at night  as I sleep

this is my dream.


Soldiers were babies

and children with a heart

but are now on the frontline

playing their part.


The soldier became a machine

killing without a thought

People and their leaders

Where is your part? End


poems by Dennis Williams

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