by D.E. Nikci

            First, there was darkness.

Something happened only moments before you found yourself in this darkness, but you can’t remember it, like a fading dream. You can’t see your limbs, but you feel them floating. In the far distance, a light appears, growing brighter, lighting a path for you—a path only for you to take. But you notice something lingering behind you. Upon turning around, you are met by darkness again. This time, the dream becomes clearer. And it was no dream at all, but your entire existence playing itself out in front of your very eyes. All your happy moments and sad ones, your exciting childhood, your lonely teens. The love and hate, all your jobs and goals and dreams and beliefs, your parents and their divorce, your soulmate, your losses. Your children growing, your parent’s life coming to an end. Your life ending.

Now you have found yourself here, with light in front and darkness behind, if there even exists the idea of a behind and in front wherever you are, and you turn to the light again, it warms you. Something new is up ahead; you can feel it, but are uncertain. The darkness seems to hug you as if welcoming a good friend’s return, someone who has belonged to it all this time, something bigger, beyond your comprehension. The time is ticking, and you hear the beat of your heart. You take a step into the darkness, and with each step, your heartbeat grows quieter until it fades entirely with the light. You cannot feel your limbs anymore, and out of your supposed chest bursts an explosion of colors into the blackness, blinding your vision.


            You are floating. You see now that all around you are lights and stars in an endless void. Far away into the distance; it does not end. Colors and formations, snakelike and wondrous, glittering light, wanders all around you. Whatever this is, you can feel it expanding. And you, whatever you are, are now part of it all.



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