Abysmal 101

by Ștefan Bolea


AGAINST. To survive in hell, you must beat them all. To achieve that, take them one by one.

AGAPE. The only person who believed in disinterested love ended up on the cross.

AGONY. Death doesn’t exist but dying has being.

ALCHEMY. Turn your devil into an angel and you shall become the opus.

ALWAYS.      Always accept – like beggars.

Always resist – like titans.

Always give more – like gods.

ANGST. Anxiety reminds us that Fall is a permanent possibility.

ANIMA. If you speak from the heart, you may conquer the saying from the mind.

ANTI-MODEL. Most people are counterexamples of what you must become.

APOCATASTASIS. If we save the devil, we save you all.

AUDE. A genius governs his/her own madness.

AVARICE. You are tiny when you have and do not give.

AWAKE. The one who wakes up early has no night. The one who wakes at night has no dawn. Do you want two mornings, or does your heart desire darkness?

BEING. Being who you become is more important than becoming who you are.

BODY. Do you wear your body as a glove or as a hatchet?

BOOK. Find the books that open themselves only for you.

BOOK II. Books are just a pretext. Everyone must write his/her bible. The same applies to divinity. God is not God until you make him your own.

BOOK III. When I touch certain books, I feel like I want to fuck them. And eventually I do.

BOOK IV. True books bloom while you develop your smell.

BOREDOM. When stasis kills possibility, jump into the future!

CARDINAL. Vanity is no longer seductive when what is God’s exceeds what is yours.

CHRIST. How can they call themselves Christians when they have murdered in their sleep the One who urged them to wake up?

CONTROL. “It was better before”, “it will never happen”, “Don’t do it”. Better said, fear is my mistress, and I will do her bidding.

CONVALESCENCE. You do not have to heal but overcome your disease.

CREATOR. Stealing is allowed when your temple is greater.

CROWN. If you want my song, take also my thorn.

CURSE. There is only one curse, your will to fail.

Abysmal 101

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