poems by Sandip Saha

Mystery of life and death


I went to the kingdom of fundamental particles

my body being so coarse I sent my mind in

I found they have rhythm of life.

They move in orderly fashion

change their positions under specific conditions

even take birth and die when situation arrives

during nuclear fission and fusion reactions.


In such a gigantic universe what is happening

how it is happening, why it is happening

are matters beyond the reach of tiny human

whatever we invent is through our lens

it is a relative conception we arrive at

no absolute knowledge is attainable

because our mind is too small to hold it.


Innumerous galaxies, stars, planets

are forming and disappearing

it is their birth and death like ours

by birth they take a form

by death they get dissolved in the universe

get salvation to end the cycle

human too can get salvation by extinction.




Establish the new priority of life


Our all activities are centered to avoid death

we go to school, college, university

to get educated so that we get job

and learn to fight all adversaries

we earn money to eat food

so that we can survive

defeating hunger

can consult doctor when ill

take medicines to conquer diseases.


Religions and their prophets and leaders

make our life complex by dos and don’ts

they brain wash us for a better life

with full of luxuries and enjoyments

even they lure us to reach heaven

where everything is good

unhindered sex with beautiful girls

no grief only pleasure

if one fights for own religion and kills others.


Here also we need to fight against death

there are habitual perpetrators of violence

their job is to do harms to people

belonged to opponent peace loving religions

they burn national and other people’s properties

kill innocent people by terrorism and hooliganism

declare themselves brave and other cowards

they do not have positive thinking to build nation

only grabbing others’ wealth by hook or crook.


Time is rife to change our central thought

it is wrong to live only to avoid death

we are here as humans not by our will

it has been imposed upon us by the Supreme Power

our living in this horrible world of sufferings

gives the Creator pleasure at the cost of our pain

we will have to rise against it

our life should center now around the thought that

we must go for the extinction at the earliest.




Fast changing world 


Modern day systems have a bad habit

it changes its colors like lizard

cell phones started with 2G

it ran for a race to 3G, 4G, 5G

a poor fellow with lot of efforts

buys a smart phone with 3G SIM card

before even he/she can learn

how to use different features in it

the greedy government and industrialists

complement each other for higher speed

in internet and fill their coffers as well.


About three to four decades ago

hardly any father used to rape daughter

now it has spread like virus


women were known to be chaste

infidelity was more known in men

now women kill husbands for paramour


guys are becoming impotent in young age

teenagers are dying in heart attacks

that used to be a disease of old people earlier.


Hey humans why are you blindfolded

control your speed and directions

else face premature death in accident.




Unsung hero


It so happens that

beautiful birds fly

in the deep forest

where no eyes reach


it so happens that

chirps of them

are like sweet songs

do not ring in ears


it so happens that

they knit nests

far above the ground

no match is there


they come in this earth

do not hanker after fame

live their peaceful life

disappear unsung


I am their follower

did many wonders

my work on science

my poems are eternal.




Beloved who expired


There were two bodies

lying in the morgue

last night one died

still fresh enough

face on the floor

another decomposed

seeing all disappeared

to search men of mortuary,

his dear one died

went alone to lift body

no relatives came forward

with the help of one person

took the body to stretcher

then to a cot on a truck,

everybody was fleeing

to catch a car from there

surprised, he called one

to sit in the lorry

beside the driver

since he was the son-in-law

of the expired person

he himself was touching

the body all the while

on the vehicle since

at this time, it is said

something wrong can happen

to the departed soul.

Greif and heartlessness

pounded him simultaneously.


poems by Sandip Saha

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