poems by Chinedu Jonathan Ichu

Fallen genealogy


you have been systematically sucked

into the wayward bowel of my headstrong harem

an unborn child outside of Wedlock’s Stockade

wonders at the shape of an accuser’s fingernail

this torture is inhumane and lacks moral justice

“I have erred, no doubt. Debase the earth that I had trodden upon

because I have become contrite it will rise, heal and thrive again

but never in your wildest antagonism poison my posterity

with the haggard tongue of your Mercury’s tinsel”.




It seems like we were never here


I took my worthy elixir for granted

now its potion’s mouthpiece has grown stale

suddenly I am confined to a flooded pigeonhole

howling like a rabid infested mad prophet

all I see are skillets from your shadow’s vanity

rising and falling into another strangers abyss

after all, am not the champ I used to be

is it too late to show you the shape of my reformed integrity?






when people die, their strength is gone

they breathe their last, and then where are they?

they never know if their children grow up in honor

or sink to insignificance

as water evaporates from a lake

and a river disappears in drought

people are laid to rest and do not rise again

until the heavens are no more,

they will not wake up nor be roused from their slumber.




A song about a prostitute


Take a harp

and walk the streets

you forgotten harlot

make sweet melody

and sing your songs

so you will be

remembered again

she will be no different

than she was before

she will again be a prostitute

to all kingdoms around the earth…

poems by Chinedu Jonathan Ichu

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