poem by Robert L. Martin



The poor man with no religion,

with nobody to tell him who his enemy is,

or what label to be classified under,

or what despotic leader there is to punish him

for disobeying his man-made mandates,

and to burn in hell for making his own decisions,


the poor man with no religion,

with only just a love in his heart for God

and a strict adherence to his own conscience,

his innate dividing line between good and evil,

following the commandments directly from God,

his charity and good will ingrained,

his religion whose doors are open

in his soul from dawn to dawn

and not only on Sunday Mornings,


the poor man with no religion;

no Methodism, no Hinduism, no Catholicism,

no Islam, or no Presbyterianism in him.

He must be lost with no label attached to him.

He must not know that he has to have one to love.

He has to open the windows to his soul

only when his religion says he can

and he has to be prepared

to battle all other religions’ doctrines.


Or he can just remain being himself,

loving God and obeying his conscience

that comes directly from God and not

filtered through different religions

that are all at odds with each other.


Love is the consecration of all religion

and the ladder to keep climbing

to be intimate with God in his Holy Kingdom.



poem by Robert L. Martin

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