Abysmal 102

by Ștefan Bolea

DANCE. You must express being with all your body – not only your “soul” – like a dancer. You all are flowers of the midnight sun.

DECAY. Time is only on the unborn’s side.

DEVIL. Use Satan as a ladder, not as a brake.

DICTIONARY. When all the dictionaries are wrong, write your own!

DNA. What’s the difference between DNA and original sin? Let us edit sin genetically!

DRUGS. You don’t need opium when you access yourself.

DUPLEX. There are two inside me. If I cannot go back to one, I will become three or four.

EDEN. What if there is no difference between the tree of knowledge and the tree of life? What if you just need to pick another fruit?

ENLIGHTENMENT. The privilege of turning word into flesh.

EPITAPH. Those who write their names in water live longer than those who carve them on stone.

EXCESS. Negative ecstasy is ecstasy. Negative God – still God.

EXPERIENCE. Your strength grows once you become aware of it.

EYE. Thinking that stops becomes vision.

FEELING. Hate is the crazy version of love.

FIND. When you keep searching for something in the same place you hide it from yourself.

FIND II. You can only search for something only once you have found it.

FINIS. Walk into your own light because your shadow is no longer afraid of you.

FLAME. What you call Satanism is the tormented relish of experiencing the dark side of God.

FLESH. Your soul is your body, and your body is God.

FRIENDSHIP. When you change for the better most friends will despise you.

FRIENDSHIP II. When you change for the worse everyone says you had it in you.

FRIENDSHIP III. Give more because what you receive isn’t always counted.

GAME. Some want to win, others – to play. Choose.

GENIUS. How does a talent become a genius? By advancing through the Gates of Fear.

GLOVES. Most people do not know that there is a right of wearing their bodies, and simply drag them along.

GOD. Go deep enough, and there He was all along.

GOD II. Chaos – the first God.

GOD III. “Only a god can save us.” But our god couldn’t save himself.

GROWTH. Their vision of you is irrelevant for the law of your becoming.

HOLY. The sacred refuses to be looked at.

HOPE. If despair is life as hell, hope is our fuel of resurrection.

ID. I’ve always been me. But I’ve recently acquired real estate from the unconscious.

IDENTITY. “I am my job,” “I am my bank account,” “I am my hair,” and so on. Until you are not who you are, not what you are, you are nothing. The nothing of ‘what’ is superseded by the being of ‘AM.’

IMPROVEMENT. Perfection doesn’t exist but that’s not an argument for mediocrity.

INFERNO. You could have been the king of the Xth circle of Hell. But you wanted more.

INFERNO II. If you want to return from hell, descend further. There’s no going back, you must find the new exit.

INSANIA. I have an Etna of madness inside of me that can bury the world alongside me underneath her lava.

INSOMNIA. If you slept your whole life you must wake up in your slumber.

INTUITION. The intuitive sees it all, but s(he) cannot grasp it.

Abysmal 102

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