poem by Ella Leynard

Yes, Mother, you are right


You were right, Mother, when you said that whatever may come,

we can only tell each other what there is to be told

looking each other in the eye,

feeling each other,

touching one another’s soul,

loving each other by being together, into each other’s look and only

face to face.


You were right, Mother, when you kept telling us

to love each other

because love is the meaning of life.

You were right to tell us again and again,

and never enough,

sometimes you only called to tell us

to love each other.


You were right to keep telling us to be clever and wise,

you meant to say we must keep polishing our thoughts

until they bring out the diamond inside.


You sometimes called:

‘’Ok, then. There’s nothing that I have to say.’’

‘’Still, why have you called?’’ I would ask.

‘’Love each other, dear. That’s all.’’

‘’Oh, Mother, you’re kidding me. Are you real?’’


Yes, Mother, you are right.

Thank you for having told us,

we might have never known otherwise.

poem by Ella Leynard

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