Abysmal 103

by Ștefan Bolea

JOB. Always look around for opportunities like a thief.

KNOWLEDGE. Ignorance fuels brute action. Knowledge fuels subtle action.

LANGUAGE. Poetry is Ur-Sprache.

LIES. If parody is more important than facts, you will never know the truth.

LIES II. Turning the other cheek seems so excessive. There are of course hits you cannot answer without risking your eventual demise. But turning submission into a virtue? How did these guys win? I tell you how: by lying to everyone including themselves.

LOGIC. Contradictions are not opposed, but identical.

LOGIC 2. From a post-Aristotelian POV, foolishness, insanity, and initiation are one.

METABOLISM. Who eats much must discharge muss. Otherwise, nourishment becomes poison.

METANOIA. Death freed me from me.

MIRRORS. We are doubly wrong in underestimating others and overestimating ourselves.

MORALS. God’s sense of Good and Evil makes morals look infantile.

MORALS II. Just as ethics is irrelevant when you find your own laws, you no longer care for religion when you find your own gods.

MUSIC. Sculpt you own statue in music!

NEXT. When you achieve something, you delete it from your system. When you don’t, it’s all you think about, and you become its slave. Delete, reboot, next!

NIHILISM. The only weapon against nihil is excellence.

NIHILISM II. “It’s all in vain.” What if your doings are intrinsical meaning-makers? What if you don’t need meaning at all?

NIHILISM III. Nietzsche killed Schopenhauer only to give birth to Cioran.

NORM. Normality is fear of authenticity.

OPEN. He who plants a thousand seeds, shall open the lock of possibility.

ORIGINS. Return to origins and you shall find them humble.

OTHER. You look at me, but you don’t see me. Or you look at me and see the one that you fear.

OVERCOMING. The Übermensch is at the zoo, the last man in the palace.

PAIN. Life as miracle supersedes life as nightmare.

PARADISE. I see God both as evil and non-existent. But I can act upon his qualities by altering my being. If we have always been in hell, it means the stairway to heaven is near. The Demiurge is the devil in disguise. Hell is in heaven disguise.

PARASITE. The tech in your house uses you as a host.

PERSPECTIVE. Giants want to be belittled because they have mercy. Dwarfs score easily for they are cheeky.

PERSPECTIVE II. Superiority is isolation, acceptance of inferiority – growth.

POLITICIAN. Take a half, give a quarter back, and fake magnanimity.

POST. Life eternal is scarier than death eternal.

PRUDENCE. If you abstain from action, you refrain from doing evil.

Abysmal 103

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