Poems by Aprilia Zank

black and moss-green walls
witnesses of
chivalrous virtues
cast-iron chastity
perennial stones
of transient crossing
of lifelines
the heat of the breath
freezes into atonal accords
kisses hang
on ghostly tree branches
like molested birds
under a conspicuous moon

Wednesdays in this bar
close to the hospital
where they came
for the monthly check
almost at the same table
I was shuddering at the thought
that their skin
might touch my skin
while trying some conversation
I was thinking
of this lake
with the host of water lilies
such a waste of beauty
for hardly anyone to see
the banks so slippery
mud and weeds
clinging to your feet
back to my flat
had to find my way
bumped into walls
bruised my knuckles
because of the burnt out bulbs
in the stairway.

end of the game
torn-paper bits
cling to white boards
flatter briefly
before the solvent
effaces all traces
the treasure of hands
scraps of worlds
on the retina
synapses save
unfinished words
sounds dissipate
into flashes of
on sharply outlined
planes take off

Poems by Aprilia Zank

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