The Hallucinogenetic Legacy

by Iulian Tănase
translated by Raisa Lambru [MTTLC student]
pentru versiunea română click aici


The female is hallucinogenic. The leaves of the male look different and they are harmless. The female must keep away from the male, if she wishes to remain with her availability intact. Loneliness is hallucinogenic and the female knows this. Disequilibrium is hallucinogenic and the male knows this. With its senses floating over a graveyard whose religion is different, the buds of the female are in search of the equilibrium of the male. It won’t be found, because the Ecstatics are there, and their chests are open. There is no such thing as ecstasy without ash, and the sunrise is near. The female is smoke and the senses of the Ecstatics are boiling. The sea is warm, and the woman has her eyes closed and plunges into the deep, along with the man with open eyes. The witch watches them and smiles, feeling soothed: the cards have told her the truth.

The Hallucinogenetic Legacy

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