Alexandra Claudia Manta

Tell me how you love, I will tell you how sick you are

by Alexandra Claudia Manta Languidly, I squeeze ink from my wrath. Purple ink covers these soul-peels like little fractal veins circulating my unloaded anger. My moth-mouth stares at daylight wide open, burnt by the unexpected gift of foreseeing. I am legion, but I am squandered. Split I am by your eye blink, and unlocked to […]

‘I like the I in myself’ : Facing the Derridean ‘massacre’

by Alexandra Claudia Manta Lately I’ve been thinking at some linguistic operations such as substitution, permutation, and at underlining and the use of block letters in written communication. I and Myself. I within Myself. I whom I see in that which I see you see. Is reality merely a question of vision and point of […]

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