Comptine d’un autre automne

by Marius Surleac

I run over the seas
and dive in the skylines burnt by the fires of hell
the night that will come with all its whispers
will embrace us

I find myself on pathways
the dance taking shape in my soul with your hot footsteps
bears me down – I remain trampled like an animal
on the asphalt

I rise from oblivion
the dusty accordion still throbs in the night
when I laugh in my sleep and I tell you in foreign languages
the oldest words

all that we feel for each other is relative –
the vibrations, the tears, the sighs, the embraces

I want to run madly among trees in autumn –
the soul, the leaf, the mystery, the sky, the wind, the smile

I want you to bring me down with the chain from your foot’s joint –
the hands stretched on the same sky axis

Comptine d’un autre automne

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