Volatile And Rare (A Winterheart In The Snow)

by Oliviu Crâznic

Algid the air, on crystal clear horizons,

Beyond the eyes of angels I have drowned;

Yet, funny, it’s still snowing in my ocean –

Watering flakes and one black tear adown.


Standing before me, so beautiful a foe,

Her door ajar, heralding darksome pleasures;

Anon she whispered, ice fracture in my awe:

That was quite all. You`re not to eye my treasures.


Bleak day of winter, I find myselfe alone;

Alas! Stained all the wild roses!…

Losing her heart, I rip my very own –

And red on white, this Christmas tale closes.


Withal I’m kneeling, and tasting the chaste snow,

O amor fati, I summon her reflection;

The tang of blood enthralls the fading soul,

Fey anamnesis of my sweet infection.

Volatile And Rare (A Winterheart In The Snow)

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