September 30th 1888

 by Ștefan Bolea

I fail to understand how somebody can be the Son of God and God at the same time. If, to this peculiar schizophrenia, one adds the bizarre figure of the Holy Ghost, the enigma becomes even denser. Three Gods? Four, if we count Mary? Five, if we count the left hand of God, free to rule this world, on God’s behalf? From a philosophical POV, the dogma is shaky, almost as if outlined in haste by someone with no concerns for rationality. Did Jesus die on cross because God (i.e. Himself) authorized it? What’s the difference between this and suicide, a cardinal sin? What kind of father celebrates the death of his own son? Who is the Holy Ghost? A dove? God’s seed? Do we require his presence to escape some kind of weird dualism? What’s Mary got to do with it? Can anyone believe that a mother must be a virgin? Are all givers of life required to be nuns?

Moreover, if this world belongs to the devil, there must be a limit to God’s power. Henceforth, God is both good and evil. Evil, because he allows us to live in a prison of degradation and fear. Basically Christianity derives from one thing. Fear of death – fear that this miserable life is the only one we got, fear that this wretched world is our true home. Afterwards, the freezing silence of nothingness. No hell, we already know how it tastes. No heaven, except few instants of bliss, poisoned soon enough by anxiety.

The Christian designed a God that is both Father and Son, a son who kills himself or is killed by his own father, a mother that is both asexual and nurturing, a God who is both good and evil. A God who is Father and Son, a God who is God and Devil. This is not paradoxical, it’s inconsistent and absurd. Is the figure of a powerless Almighty a sexual metaphor? (As in the issue of theodicy: God is either powerless, or evil). The Christian wants both a and ­– a but in a schizophrenic, not in a synthetic way: a fatherly son, an asexuated mother, an evil benefactor. And if you’ve forgotten about it, there is always the dove which impregnates virgins.

And if you come to think about, Yahweh, not Jesus deserves to be on the cross.

September 30th 1888

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