poem by Sharafadeen Muhsinah

The forever poor parents


The agony of child birth is second to none

Noone is never willing to be barren

Wealth,health all wordly materials does not define a parent

The agony in childbirth is always a sweet pain for you

The stress of child upbringing is likewise a stressful ease

Why would such Parent be forever poor?

Have you forgotten how you were also brought up?

Have you misplaced those invaluable values that were instilled in you?

We children are creatures that tend to adapt easily into situations

Why are you keeping us in the dark about your financial status?

When you are rich, we are rich

When you are poor, we are poor

That is how life should be parents!

Then we would not aspire for material things that you are incapable of financially

May be then we would cut our cloth according to our clothes

Why would you be running Helter skelter for you satisfy our wants?

Why haven’t you make us have the believe that those wants are insatiable!

Oh! You want us to feel belonged

Then what is the aftermath of those struggles?

Unwanted pregnancy, drug addiction, harlotry, internet frauding et cetera

Are those not the aftermath of you wanting us to feel as equal as our mates!

In pursuanace of our wants, to you lost into the hand of this horrendous world

In pursuanace of our wants, inesteemable property for yourselves

Then you have to remain forever poor .


poem by Sharafadeen Muhsinah

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