poem by Maid Čorbić

I chew gum in mathematics class


Bloody Monday

he came to my school

aware that I can’t recover from the weekend


busy with a lot of fun and merriment

awareness that schooling is essential to me

I didn’t care about the fact that tomorrow was the exam

in mathematics with a strict professor


redhead with round glasses

wrinkled face with a little makeup

tragic Monday has come

seven-thirty in the morning


I come to the subject of hers

and I was by no means ready for the exam

i’m afraid of falling this year

because I already have two aces in my diary

and my parents can’t forgive me lightly


in an attempt to save this dewy year

I take it from the right pocket of my jacket

and colorful chewing gum that tastes like mint

to give me a little reason

and bring me back to reality after a good binge


my debts were not in the best condition either

finished us off with beer and liqueur

unprepared for the exam; we snore at mathstoke time

while the tasks were rooting, grading, axioms


I call chewing gum in math class

because I know to subject is really market

and when you are sober you get dizzy again

and I look into the view of my billboard

would I not rewrite one task at last


for a couple you need to burn a little charm

because the redhead won’t let me through, and she’s kidding me

to just finish the school year with a high five

so let me go on a well-deserved vacation this year


I was diligent, copying from a piece of paper chewing gum of some form

luckily she didn’t see me doing it

so everyone in the class was surprised in the end

that I went best grade, threesome


I want to be forever happy in my life

I chew gum and my life is good!



poem by Maid Čorbić

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