poems by A.J. Huffman

Blood on the Moon


Lightning erupts, whitewashing midnight

sky.  Blinded, the clouds retreat to re-gather

their nighted senses.  In that moment, a world

is born.  Celestial bodies caught in spotlight’s

beam mutate into conglomerations of each other.

White dwarf weighs in as initial counter-

balance to wormhole.  Waves of absence stream

as residual traces of black hole.  Sun

hits hard, a burst of yellow, before fading back

into the shadows of a moon dripping with electric

particles, a crimson covering, a refraction of Mars.




I Dream in Shadows


that threaten to suffocate my mind

as I stumble along pathways,

dripping the clinging gray of regrettable

blindness, thankful

for vacillating weight

and consumptive lack of vision.




Leaves Like Gold Glitter


cover this forested floor.

For a moment, I am Dorothy

flying with fictional monkeys.

My footsteps shimmer.  A strange

song about bleeding and home

lands on my shoulders—

a memory of another

lifetime.  Too heavy,

my buttresses buckle, become liquid.

I believe I am melting

as hope crumbles beneath me.

Wild has always been my namesake,

home, nothing more than a dream.




The Sky is a Snail

                       after Perpetual Revival  by Vladamir Kush


Without a shell, I wander,

stepping on pebbles that feel like mountains.

They pierce my fragile skin.

I am unprepared for this life.  Two

tears escape from tiny eyes, all that was needed

to dissolve my will.  Happily,

I wither away in the wind.


poems by A.J. Huffman

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