poems by L. Sydney Abel

Press Men


All the press men talk the same

Same filth from the same drain

Needed is honest legitimacy

where the world is depicted accurately

No more untruths

All this lying is making you media scum busy

your world is making me dizzy






Rotting in a prison

catching flies for religion

eating wings for wisdom


The bars are glooms of hatred thought

The past is shadow

cavernous shadow

The coming is tomorrow

a light to follow

All what happened should not be forgot




Some Say


Some say:

they can remember as if it were yesterday

But in reality:

it was a lifetime absent


Some say:

show your scars

But in reality:

it’s easier to suffer alone


Some say:

peace will be fought for

But in reality:

we need to renounce violence


Some say:

use freedom of speech

But in reality:

we’re bullied into silence


Some say:

get busy living or get busy dying

But in reality:

dying is the default


Some say:

absence makes the heart grow fonder

But in reality:

absence foretells new passion


Some say:

enjoy what’s free in life

But in reality:

freedom costs




No Hidden Meaning


I breathe for everything

yet I need nothing

or reverse to contradict

I’m as cool as can be

vague in disguise

I can’t hide what I appear


To be what I want to be

To be just me

No hidden meaning

To be without reason


I don’t breathe for nothing

yet I don’t need everything

what comes I won’t deny

I look this way because I do

however contrived

just me in florescent socks


One who remained has stopped breathing

the deceased’s memory dies

Inhale for identity

and rise


To be what I want to be

To be just me

No hidden meaning

To be without reason


Bless those that encouraged me

Bless those that cared

Bless those that don’t understand

Bless the one’s that hold my hand


The journey carries on






When embracing what evil brings

Deserved are the bitterest things


Good will pity it

Good will tell you you’re an idiot


poems by L. Sydney Abel

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