poems by Bobby Z

The American Dream


with streets once paved with gold,

now filled with detours,

the dream has been put on hold.


Achieving greatness,

awaiting rewards,

has now all but vanished,

never again to be restored.


The will to succeed,

has been lost thru the years,

food stamps and government assistance,

has replaced dreams with fears.


Computers and cell phones,

have delayed many from achieving,

life made easy,

revoking the will to succeeding.


A shortage of role models,

our youth hooked on video games,

they just sit in their rooms,

relinquishing dreams they could have retained.


The dream shall rise again,

many changes must be made,

must return to the ideals of yesteryear,

and never again to be swayed.


Happy Birthday America Video   https://youtu.be/MVde4x62Xxw




Master of Sorrow


Where have you been,

oh Master of Sorrow,

searching for victims,

ruining tomorrows.


Patiently stalking,

unsuspecting prey,

most surrender meekly,

a few getaway.


Master Oh Master,

i know what you seek,

complete domination,

of minds that are weak.


Annihilating their thoughts,

depriving them of giving,

your the scourge of the earth,

responsible for those who want to stop living.


To all the false prophets,

be definitely afraid,

he’ll haunt you forever,

until your dues are paid.


The only immunity,

from Oh Master Of Sorrow,

is to Excel today,

and Achieve more tomorrow.

poems by Bobby Z

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