by Somodi Iulian

Verse 1:

In the urban landscape, where the concrete meets the sky,

There resided a wordsmith with a message that could never die,

He strutted the boulevards with a confident gait,

With poesy in his pockets and sagacity innate.

From the alleys to the thoroughfares, his words rang out,

A harbinger of amity, against the world’s doubt,

He expatiated love and unity, in a society so riven,

His message was lucid and never equivocal, a vision.



From the depths of the city, where the souls of the lost reside,

Comes a voice that echoes, a message that can’t be denied,

With every syllable, every word, a rhyme so sublime,

A call to arms, a rallying cry, for a better time.


Verse 2:

As I traverse this urban jungle, my presence demands awe,

For I am a king, with power and glory, my will the only law,

My words are my sceptre, my voice a thunderous roar,

My message is absolute, and it echoes forevermore.


Verse 3:

But the powers that be, they found his message irksome,

They perceived him as a threat and made it their inescapable outcome,

To stifle his voice, to quell his message from flourishing,

To keep the populace in darkness and their minds wavering.

They dispatched their minions to quash him, to bring him low,

To silence his lyrics and efface his echo,

But the poet, he stood firm, with oratory so sincere,

His message couldn’t be vanquished, it cut like a razor clear.


Verse 4:

But amidst the power and grandeur, there is still room for fun,

For I am a god among men, with humor that can stun,

I jest and quip, with a wit that’s never undone,

My levity and laughter, a joy for everyone.


Verse 5:

The skirmishes were formidable, the wounds were profound,

But the poet kept pushing forward, with convictions profound,

He extolled the heroes who came before him, so illustrious,

2Pac, Biggie, and countless others, whose light still shone amongst us.

Their voices still reverberating, through the urban realm,

Their legacies enduring, their rhymes still at the helm,

The poet understood that his message was a continuum of theirs,

He kept their torch burning, their legacies an unvanquishable affair.


Verse 6:

And as my reign draws to a close, I humbly step aside,

For I am but a mortal, whose fate cannot be denied,

My message will live on, in the hearts of those who abide,

My legacy secured, my name forever dignified.



And so the poet kept striding, through the urban landscape,

A herald of truth, whose message never loses its shape,

He walked with his head held high, and his spirit so indelible,

His rhymes still reverberating, like an everlasting fable.


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