poem by Sharon Berg

Making Muffins


I am making muffins,

substituting some of the ingredients

which are not in my cupboard:

cream cheese helping to round out butter,

plums from a neighbour’s tree

chopped small and replacing blueberries.

I also add some ingredients

that may not be expected

(sunflower and pumpkin seeds)

giving texture to the mix.


I am thinking about potential

issues that might rise between us

under the same roof, you being

an early to bed and early to rise

sort of man while I tend toward late

evenings on the computer or TV.

We can adjust the recipe, I say,

replacing one thing with another,

adding in something fresh.


Are you talking about us? you ask.

We can deal with that, even taking

shifts to sleep if we must.

This makes me smile as you

indicate your willingness to take on

all the complications of a shared life.

I’m talking about recipes,

I respond, how they can be adjusted

and still be called a success.

poem by Sharon Berg

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