Editorial Note [2]

By Adrian Ioniţă (USA)

Our inaugural  issue  of the Short Story section of EgoPHobia (#22) was followed by a wave of submissions, and  we had a hard time to review and  take under  consideration all of them. This was the reason why, regarding our decision to approve their stories, with few exceptions, many writers did not receive yet a definitive response from us.  While the stories written in English found an easier way to the editing table of Mr. Robert Fenhagen, the stories written in Romanian are going through translation, a time consuming process. Then, it is Mr. Fenhagen’s magic approach to editing, which resembles in many ways the editing used in the adaptations of literary works in movie making. This happens not only for the fact that a story written in Romanian is impossible to translate mot-a-mot in English, but also for the fact that, the imagery produced in two different cultures  may  flow ideatically in two different directions.  I discussed at length with Mr.  Fenhagen  on the subject and, even though, the editing and translations demand a more substantial  effort  on our part, we decided to do what it is in the best interest of the literary work  respecting  the  specificity of the short story genre, instead of  a flat approve /reject  approach.

From anonymous, to emerging or accomplished writers, from simple to  highly complex stories, our Short Story section will publish with every issue  materials which hopefully will be recognized  in time as a standard of excellence both  by the Romanian and the English speaking readers.

The writers interested to publish their stories, are invited to read our “Call to Submissions” page.


Adrian Ioniţă (USA)  

– Krepkaya

 – Jamais Vu

Alex Potcoavă  (Romania) 



Death Is Long

Aurel Stănescu Avram (Romania) 

On the Edge of the World

Irina Savin (Belgium) 

Song to Layla

Karel Cispic (Slovakia) 


Mihai Mateiu (Romania) 

The Defeat

Monica Trif  (Romania) 

Chasing time

Otis Taylor (USA) 


Robert Fenhagen (USA) 


Beautiful People

Fat Man

Romulus Balkan (Romania) 

– Ash Wednesday







Editorial Note [2]

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