by Aprilia Zank & Craig Boyling



on stained bull’s eye glass
a glimpse of heraldic awe
a roundel of vibrant soft hue
the armorial
held in place with noble plumbate
pally bars tinctured or
pally bars tinctured gules
nobility and title
knightly banners
pennants into the wind
like the open-winged eagle
fashioned sable
displaying manly pursuits
titles earned in chivalric crusade
or by consent or combat
these escutcheons encased
in lead laden roundels
take the sporetti into annular folk dancing
life’s merry go round
but still we grasp the wheel
for it is our own destiny
flying standards and pennants into the wind
in a carousel of colours
watching silky bands or
azurian swallow tails on a field vert
filled with the poppae gules
a heraldic tale of the noble sporetti


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