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As fellow writers and persons exploring the creative process, we were always looking for new forums and places to both exhibit our work and latearn from others. So, we decided to begin our own place (and when we say ‘our’, we mean ‘our’)

One of the most important passages that we have encountered has to do with the idea that a higher power created our world and shapes it to his or her design.

That is exactly how we feel about the creative process.

We begin with a blank piece of paper, or a blank computer screen, and after much thought, we create a world.
That is as simple, yet profound a way of putting it as we know.

From anonymous, to emerging or accomplished writers, from simple to  highly complex stories, our Short Story section will publish with every issue  materials which hopefully will be recognized  in time as a standard of excellence both  by the Romanian and the English speaking readers.


Come and join us.

-The Editors,

Robert Fenhagen (USA)

Adrian Ioniţă (USA)



The writers interested to publish their stories, are invited to read our “Call to Submissions” page.





>>> Mircea Daneliuc – A Fine Day [translated by: Nigel Walker & Alina-Olimpia Miron]

>>> Gheorghe Recheşan – Guido’s Island [translated by: Adrian Ioniţă & Alina Blănaru]

>>> Răzvan Petrescu – Wedding Photos [translated by: Pat Earnshaw & Alina-Olimpia Miron]

>>> Andrei Mocuţa – The Glass [fragment] [translated by: Nigel Walker & Gina Liliana Cotoarbă]

>>> Karel Cispic – Conspiracy [translated by Adrian Ioniţă; edited by Robert Fenhagen]

>>> Valery Oisteanu – Kafka’s Bicycle

>>> Cristina Nemerovschi – Hell and Blood [translated by: Christine Coleman & Mircea Filimon]

>>> Irina Savin – Song to Layla [edited by Robert Fenhagen]

>>> Anonymous from U.S. – Death Is Long

>>> Alexandru Potcoavă – Eventide [translated by: Graham Mummery & Alina Miron]

>>> Aurel Stănescu – On the Edge of the World [translated by Monica Becheru; edited by Robert Fenhagen]


>>> Adrian Ioniţă – White Cigars [translated by: Martin Potter & Mirona Palas]

>>> Otis Taylor – Dreams [ edited by Robert Fenhagen ]

>>> Marina Popescu – The Mirror [translated by: William Oxley & Iulia Vieru]

>>> Robert Fenhagen – Chicks

>>> Victor Loghin – The Seagull [translated by: Alina Roşu & Doris Plantus-Runey]


>>> Carmen Firan – Guilty in America [translated by: Iris Butnariu]

>>> Andrew Kooman – Nazar

>>> Adrian Sângeorzan – Kumari [translated by: Caroline Carver & Iris Butnariu]

>>> Adrian Sângeorzan – Desert Dreams [translated by: Caroline Carver & Iris Butnariu]

>>> Adrian Sângeorzan – Desert Dreams [2] [translated by: Caroline Carver, Iris Butnariu & Andrada Vissarion]

>>> Carmen-Francesca Banciu – Homesickness? [translated by Elena Mancini]

>>> JKS Makhoka – The Late Chief M.

>>> JKS Makokha – Great Expectation

>>> Florentina Crăciun Fabiola – Haifa [translated by: Graham Mummery & Dorina Burcea]


>>> Răzvan Petrescu – Blitz [translated by: Manuela Cazan]

>>> Adrian Ioniţă – Krepkaya [translated by Manuela Cazan]

>>> James Bent – The Birdcage Melodies

>>> Robert Fenhagen – Androgyny

>>> Alexandru Potcoavă – Framework [translated by Adrian Ioniţă]


>>> Gheorghe Recheşan – Flaubert’s Hare [translated by: Dorina Burcea]

>>> Robert Şerban – Lili [translated by: Silvia Bratu & Philippa Lawrence]


>>> Carmen Firan – Sam [translated by: Martin Potter & Silvia Bratu]

>>> Adrian Ioniţă – The Mansion [translated by: Doris Plantus-Runey & Valentina Tache; rewritten by: Robert Fenhagen]

>>> Michael Graeme – The Man Who Could not Forget


>>> Dumitru Radu Popa – Next Day [translated by: Olimpia Malai]

>>> Adrian Ioniţă – Jamais Vu [edited by Robert Fenhagen]

>>> Romulus Balkan – Ash Wenesday edited by Robert Fenhagen ]


>>> Gene Tanta – English Poems

>>> George Asztalos – Two very short stories [translated by: Pat Earnshaw & Simona Daniela Sanda]

>>> Fabian Anton – Coda [translated by: Laura Badea; rewritten by: Robert Fenhagen]

>>> Marius Surleac – Playing Chess with an Angel [edited by: Robert Fenhagen]

>>> Valery Oisteanu – Standardland


>>> Andrei Guruianu – A Man of Many Names

>>> James Bent – Western Politics and Whale Penises

>>> Robert Fenhagen – Beautiful People

>>> Robert Fenhagen – Fat Man

>>> Alexandru Potcoavă – The Managing Director’s Cigarettes [translated by: Cristina Mihaela Sandu & Philippa Lawrence


>>> Robert Şerban – Haymaking [translated by: Oana-Manuela Mihai]

>>> Monica Trif – Chasing time [translated by Irina Savin]

>>> Mihai Mateiu – The Defeat [translated by Rareş Moldovan]





The publishing house of the MA Programme for the Translation of the Contemporary Literary Text, created and directed by Prof. Dr. Lidia Vianu at Bucharest University.

Alina-Olimpia Miron
Alina Roşu 
Anne Steward
Caroline Carver
Christine Coleman
Dorina Burcea
Doris Plantus-Runey
Elena Mancini
Graham Mummery
Irina Savin
Iris Butnariu
Iulia Vieru
Laura Badea
Mădălina Gane
Manuela Cazan
Martin Potter
Mihaela Mădălina Melneciuc
Mihu Elena Veronica
Mircea Filimon
Mirona Palas 
Mona Miruna Pinţă
Monica Becheru
Ramona Mirela Tanta
Rareş Moldovan
Silvia Bratu
Valentina Tache
Zenovia Popa
William Oxley

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