School Night

by Şerban Andrei Mazilu


Laine took a drag from her long ivory pipe, enjoying the calming effect of the illegal smoldering herb. Her absinth gaze fell in a melancholic manner over the half-naked body next to her, following the delicate outline of the woman’s marble back and half breast she revealed. She partially spread her lips, releasing a thin smoke snake that curled over her lover’s forms.


“Do that again and I’ll end you” the girl warned, eyes still shut, making Laine giggle like a schoolgirl. Her smile spread as she leaned gently and pressed her baby pink lips on Daevia’s tattooed shoulder. “…You’re a damned witch” the latter groaned, parting her eyeslashes enough to reveal unnatural green eyes. Greener than Laine’s.

“I made coffee” the other replied, her eyes shutting to slits while examining her lover’s reactions.

“Good for you, sweetheart… Now fuck off! I want to rest” came the frosty reply, while Daevia turned around and curled in a ball.

“Fine” Laine responded and let the pipe down on the small wooden table nearby, then proceeded to tying her long straight hair into a ponytail. She walked to the mirror and pulled a large white shirt over her body, then the tan leather pants and boots she was so fond off. She grabbed her schooling manual and tossed the dark-haired girl another glance. “You will miss me” she chimed, batting her eyelashes innocently.

“Like hellfire” the woman replied and motioned her to go.


Laine chuckled and rubbed her fingers over the pendant around her neck. The emerald shone in a few different ways, each cut seemingly a different shade of that mossy color. A shiver rushed over her while parting with her beloved Daevia, -again- in such belligerent terms, but she was happy knowing her thoughts, even negative, were directed at her.


She didn’t rush, even though the sun was setting fast, for they weren’t called night classes for nothing. Instead, she admired the small country town and the craftsmanship with which these northern countrymen created such small architectural masterpieces. They used mostly large pieces of wood, while the white blocks of stone served only as the foundations for their homes. Almost all had gargoyles and dragons smelt from copper or iron, adorning their doors or balconies, and it seemed they had a thing for those painted glasses. They amused Laine, for she thought they would have served best in an old pub rather than filtering the already dim daylight. For a moment she scolded herself for her snobbish attitude, feeling she had no right to judge, especially since she came to Korshire recently, after living a rather boring life in the big austere Edinburgh.


“Good evening, miss” a blonde teenager saluted her cheerfully as he passed by. She recognized him as Samuel, one of her new students and nodded at him, smiling gently.

“Good evening, Sam. Joining us tonight?” she asked, scanning the freckles on his pasty cheek.

“Can’t do, miss. But I will try to catch up tomorrow. Father needs me with some chores this eve.”

“I understand. Give him my best!” she exclaimed as the kid rushed off on the stone-paved street, waving at her in response.


Laine looked at the new school building and took a deep breath, her smile still frozen on her lips. She had a good day and she couldn’t wait for the rest of the night when she would enjoy Daevia’s company to it’s fullest. But the young woman didn’t feel half bad. A whole class of eager young students were expecting her, hungry for her insightful teachings. She walked in and nodded at the mass of teenagers who quickly stood up and bowed their heads in respect.


“Good evening, my dears!” she proclaimed, walking to her desk and putting down the large tome. “Ah! I see we have some new attendants this night.”

“Yes, miss Hershey” replied a petite ginger-haired girl from the second desk. “I am Anna Barlow”.

“Well!” Laine gigled with excitement. “Welcome to Demonology 101! I hope you have your manual and… -THOMAS! Unsummon your imp at once! Yesterday the little devil torched the side of the cupboard!” she scolded a chuckling kid from the parallel row.


You’re such a damned witch! came Daevia’s demonically sensual voice from the shining emerald pendant.

School Night

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