Adriana Boagiu

Poems by Ştefan Bolea

uproar translated by Joan Michelson & Andreea Banciu [MTTLC student] I do not fear hell, but the purgatory I have survived – the deafening fires. I even had my faction. we called ourselves the bloody ones because the waking nights burst in our eyes and inside the umber iris.

Poems by Ştefan Bolea

Translation from Romanian by Merryn Williams and Adriana Boagiu, MTTLC student attempt I am the last wave of an avalanche that wrecked a century that unveils the sneering laughter of the void; the universal spirit which, like a shark, bites the net from his trainer’s glove. I am alone in the garden of Eden

Poems by Adriana Boagiu

Adriana Boagiu is a poet whose lines carry a wordy town into flowery flurries of memory and eroticism, both ingenuous and insidious. Her sound skinning sonnets know how to allure and kill softly, while her irregular-iambic-pentameter or vers libre riffs shake and caress with mixed mercilessness and affection. I am happy to greet her shrewd […]

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