Doris Plantus-Runey

The Mansion

 by Adrian Ioniţă  (USA) Translation from Romanian by Doris Plantus-Runey and Valentina Tache re-write by Robert Fenhagen pentru versiunea română click aici   The intense focus of his eyes reflects the concentration of the man writing about a deserted nineteenth century mansion. A seemingly obscure subject, it has captured his interest to the degree that allows his mind […]

The Seagull

by Victor Loghin [Romania] translated from Romanian by  Doris Plantus-Runey and Alina Roşu [MTTLC student] edited by Robert Fenhagen pentru versiunea română click aici “…The presence of the seagulls was disturbing me: I drove them out with stones. And I realised that their cries, of a supernatural stridency, were exactly what I needed, because only the […]

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